KÖZTE is a civil organisation, in form of association. The main goals are:

  1. First as a mission promote the effectiveness of  information freedom, make possible to reach the needed information for everybody in Hungary by means of public service broadcasting. An important ambition is to help the civil members activity in the board of trustees at public service broadcast organizations to reach the above.
  2. Second goal to support – in every possible way -- the public service organisations to reach essential and fundamental objectives. Looking for partners to promote the public service broadcasters  to substantiate and form his value-added functions.
  3. Third point of fit the civil kurarors at the public service broadcast organizations for become able fullfill their task by the way of trainings and giving the collected experience up to the members.
  4. Fourth goal to keeping such an activity which can help the ORTT (the hungarian radio and television authority) to fulfill his legal task’s effectively. Inside this aims that most of the civil organisation can take part of the work of the board of trusties.

The main activities of KOZTE are to reach the goals:

  • Organizing club-meetings in which guests are the former presidents of publis service broadcasters. the guests are giving information about his or her activitis and results in the field of public service or speaking about the mean barriers to fulfil the tasks.
  • Organizing public media workshops. In the course of this the member of KOZTE and important persons in the field of brodcast service and jurnalism changing opinions about the role of civil curators in the board of trusties at public service broadcast.
  • Organize and manage courses to let learn members the laws and financial prescription concerning the public service, as well as understanding the functioning of the organisation of public service broadcast and so.

KÖZTE summary on the position of the Hungarian Public Media


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